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Egg Biryani Recipe / Easy and tasty egg biryani / Egg dum biryani Recipe / Anda Biryani Recipe

Today I am going to share you how to make a egg biryani in a very simple way, in this i am going to use lot of spices, herbs which brings this dish a most flavorful and aromatic.

This egg biryani is very easy to make and it doesn't take much time once you are familiar with the recipe.

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Author: Naga Harisha
Recipe Type: Main (Lunch/Dinner)
Cuisine: Indian
Serves or Yields: 3 to 4

Ingredients to cook basmati rice for egg biryani:

  • Cloves - 5
  • Cinnamon stick - 1 inch
  • Shahi jeera – 1/2 tsp
  • anise star - 1 
  • Cardamom pod - 1
  • Javitri - 1 small
  • Bay leaf - 1 small
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Oil - 2 tsp
  • Basmati Rice -  2 Cups
  • Plenty of water to cook basmati rice

Procedure to cook basmati rice for egg biryani:

  • Wash and soak basmati rice in water for half an hour. After half an hour, drain out all the water and set aside.
  • Boil plenty of water to cook soaked rice in a heavy bottom pan. when water starts to boil, add salt, masala ingredients, oil, and add only soaked rice (don't forget to discard soaked water). Mix it well completely and cook until basmati rice is 80 to 90% done on a medium to high heat.
  • Now Strain cooked rice by using colander and quickly run under running cold water to prevent from further cooking and also each grain will be separated. set this cooked rice aside.

Ingredients to fry boiled eggs:

  • Boiled Eggs – 5 boiled, peeled and sliced eggs, here instead of slicing, you can even use whole boiled egg of your choice.
  • Red chili powder -1 tsp or required amount
  • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp or required amount
  • Oil - 1 tbsp

Procedure to fry boiled eggs:

  • Heat oil in a heavy bottom small pan on a medium heat. Add turmeric powder, salt to taste, red chili powder (here after adding red chili powder into hot oil, it changes to dark colour. if you are not interested in changing colour. Just add red chili powder before turning off the flame).
  • Add Sliced eggs and toss it once completely until golden colour or just for few seconds on a medium flame, flip to other end, tauce it once completely and then turn off the flame.
  • Transfer the fried eggs to other plate and set this aside. 
Note: Here instead of frying these boiled eggs, you skip this part and directly add boiled eggs at the end of the recipe (before turning off the flame). But frying these boiled eggs gives an additional taste to this dish.

Other Ingredients for egg biryani: 

  • Cardamom pod - 1
  • Shahi jeera – 1/2 tsp
  • Anise star - 1 
  • Cinnamon stick - 1 inch
  • Cloves - 5
  • Javitri - 1 small
  • Bay leaf - 1 small
  • Fennel seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Onion - 2 medium size (thinly sliced)
  • Green chilies - 2 slit or adjust according to your taste
  • Oil – 4 tbsps
  • Salt – 1/2 tsp or required amount
  • Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
  • Red chili powder - 1 tsp or required
  • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Ginger & garlic paste - 2 tbsps
  • Fried Cashews - few
  • Coriander leaves - fist full finely chopped
  • Mint leaves - fist full 
  • Curd - 1/4 cup
  • Few strands of Saffron mixed in 2 tbsps of warm milk

Procedure to prepare egg biryani:

  • Heat a tbsp of oil in a heavy bottom pan on medium heat. Now add 1 medium size sliced onion and fry until golden brown colour. Transfer to other plate and set this aside. (If you are having store bought fried onions, you can skip this part).
  • Into the same pan, heat 3 tbsps oil and once the oil is enough hot, add dry masala spices as shown in the video and saute it well for few seconds on a medium flame.
  • Now add sliced onion, and cook until onions are light golden colour on a medium flame. Add Slit green chilies, ginger & garlic paste and saute it well for few seconds or until raw smell goes out from ginger and garlic paste.
  • Now add turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, Salt to taste, curd, half the quantity of coriander and mint leaves.  Saute it well completely just for a few seconds.
  • Now turn the flame to as low as possible and layer half the quantity of cooked rice, half the quantity of fried onions, fried eggs. Again layer remaining cooked rice, add remaining chopped coriander leaves, mint leaves, remaining fried onions, fried cashews, saffron milk, also sprinkle 2 tbsps of water.
  • Cover with an air tight lid and cook for 15 to 20 minutes on a very low flame.
  • Turn off the flame, cover this with an air tight lid for 5 minutes. Serve this egg biryani into a serving plate along with onion raita or cucumber raita or with any non-veg curry of your choice.

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